Antiques Galore

Redmond is known throughout the Pacific Northwest as an antique destination, where a charming array of quality shops offer delightful treasures of the past.

A stroll through some of Redmond’s superbly curated stores brings the past to life.  Opening the door to an antique store is like opening the door to the magic of yesteryear, where quality, artisanship and warm memories come flooding back.

Shopkeepers work diligently to acquire and uncover unique finds from all over the globe. Leisurely wander among the shelves and displays and you may just discover a long lost treasure. If you are looking for something specific, do not hesitate to ask a shop curator.  Redmond is a well-connected community, where everybody knows one another, so chances are you will be sent to the right place to find just what you are looking for.  

Once bitten by the antique bug, you will want to see all of the delightful antique shops Redmond has to offer. All of the stores are listed here for your convenience or be sure to stop by the Redmond Chamber of Commerce & CVB for guidance. 

Enjoy Redmond’s world of antiques and collectibles, and discover your past today.


Beyond the Ranch Antiques

339 SW Evergreen Ave. • 541-279-4867

Farmer's Co-op Antiques Mall

106 SE Evergreen Ave. • 541-548-7975

Farmer's Co-op Facebook

Redmond Antique Mall

2127 S Hwy. 97, • 541-548-6208

Redmond Antique Mall Facebook

The Back Porch and Company

2127 US-97 • 541-526-1161