Public Art

Redmond’s art renaissance is a source of community pride.

The recent renaissance in downtown Redmond has led to a greater appreciation for art and culture as well as a deeper understanding of how art builds a “sense of place” and aesthetic harmony.

Redmond’s foray into public art began with two generous donations to the City, from Nike founder Phil Knight and his wife, Penny. This set in motion the creation of the Redmond Committee for Art in Public Places (RCAPP) and through their dedicated efforts and programs they have placed numerous permanent art pieces throughout Redmond.    

RCAPP’s Art Around the Clock program features several “on loan” pieces for a two-year showing. This outdoor gallery includes a select showing of juried pieces designed to enhance the beauty and livability of our community. These creative works of art, displayed on a two-year rotation, are available for purchase by the public and one each year is chosen by the community to keep.

At the completion of each gallery season, the community eagerly welcomes the opportunity to vote on the “People’s Choice” award.  The piece receiving the most votes is then purchased by RCAPP and is permanently added to the City’s public art collection. With each new acquisition, Redmond’s identity and artistic expression is proudly displayed for all to see.

For more information about Redmond's public art, to take a walking tour, or to inquire about purchasing art, call 541-923-7763 or visit . You can also visit the Redmond Committee for Art in Public Places online at