Redmond's Central Park

Redmond's Dry Canyon and Dry Canyon Trail melds geological features and naturally preserved high desert landscapes with modern recreational amenities to create a park unlike any other in Central Oregon.

 When it comes to leisure, adventure and fun, Redmond has plenty to be proud of. But the true pride of the Redmond park system is the Dry Canyon and the Dry Canyon Trail.

Known as Redmond’s own “Central Park,” this destination park successfully melds geological features and naturally preserved high desert landscapes with modern recreational amenities to create a city park unlike any other in Central Oregon.

The Dry Canyon cuts for more than three miles through the Center of Redmond, throughout the way offering recreational amenities as well as traditional park services for picnicking, including a pavilion, benches, picnic tables, and water fountains.

The fact that the majority of the Dry Canyon is set aside as a nature preserve, capturing the beauty of the High Desert environment, is a source of local pride. The canyon is pure Central Oregon, and the steep canyon walls serve as a tribute to this area’s tormented volcanic past.

This multi-use park and trail system offers something for everyone, from horseback riders, cyclists and skateboarders to walkers, joggers, tennis players and concert goers. A nine-hole disc golf course, mountain bike trails and a family dog park were recently added to the park. The trail system is dotted with benches for all trail goers to enjoy, whether for that much-needed break during the hotter summer months or just to sit and soak up the scenic beauty.

The Dry Canyon Trail meanders 3.7 miles along the canyon floor from the northern end at Pershall Way, passing under Highland Avenue at American Legion Park, and ending at Quartz Avenue. Along the way, the trail only once crosses a city street, enhancing safety for all ages while preserving the natural ambiance of the park.

The Dry Canyon also houses the Rotary Arts Pavilion, a beautifully crafted 40-by-50 foot-amphitheater style venue with seating for up to 2,600 people. Furthermore, Sam Johnson Park is situated along the trail, providing welcome shade and grassy spaces and soon offering Central Oregon only 100 percent accessible playground that's open to people of all abilities. This new playground will open around Memorial Day of 2015.



Midway Access Points to the Dry Canyon Trail


Stairway Access:

NW Canyon Drive and Fir Avenue


Bicycle Access:

West Canyon Rim City Park

On Rimrock Drive between Hemlock Avenue and Jackpine Avenue


Weigand Family Dog Park

Located off of Black Butte Avenue and SW 15th Sreet