November 15, 2023

Art in Public Places

Discover Art in Downtown Redmond

Welcome to Redmond, where vibrant experiences await you.

Explore Art in Public Places

Take a stroll through Redmond’s  vibrant, creative community and discover art and sculptures embedded from end to end. There are 32 permanent art displays in Redmond. From the landmark Redmond 6th Street Arch, locally designed murals, to thought provoking abstracts, you will be sure to find a variety styles and artistic representation.

Work from artists across the world is on display in Redmond’s outdoor art gallery. There are currently 15 pieces on loan from various creators through the Art Around the Clock program. At the end of each year, the community votes on which piece should become a permanent installment and the commission then purchases the art for everlasting display.

Redmond Committee for Art in Public Places

Established through City Ordinance No. 2006-08 on May 23, 2006, the Redmond Commission for Art in Public Places is tasked with integrating art into specific public spaces to cultivate a distinct sense of place and reinforce community identity across Redmond. The Community Development Department of the City of Redmond extends staff support to facilitate the commission’s initiatives.

Community engagement plays a crucial role, seeking input on preferred artistic styles and locations. This commitment not only enhances the city’s cultural landscape but also underscores the department’s dedication to promoting creativity, collaborating with local artists, and integrating art seamlessly into urban planning initiatives. The result is an aesthetically pleasing environment that fosters civic pride, identity, and economic vitality.