OSCC Update: Defend Small Business PAC

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Over the past two years, we found out that Oregon politicians and state agencies view our small businesses as “non-essential.”

During the height of the global pandemic, the state of Oregon ordered that small businesses be shut down. Employees who were deemed “non-essential” lost their jobs and were sent to a broken unemployment agency. Meanwhile, large multinational corporations stayed open and made record profits.

And most of our lawmakers and politicians either supported the shutdowns or lacked the courage to do anything about it.

Our message is simple – Never again.

We need to change the political culture in Oregon, and elect people who will stand up for our small businesses.

The goal of the Defend Small Business PAC is to do just that – protect and strengthen Oregon small businesses, their employees, and their communities.

Acting alone, it is difficult for a single local business to make a political impact. But together, our collective voice is powerful.

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