February 26, 2024

OSCC: Legislative Update 02/26/24

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2024 Legislative Update

February 26, 2024

Dear OSCC Members & Colleagues –

All About Measure 110

As we enter the fourth week of the 2024 legislative session in Oregon, we are expecting a breakthrough on Measure 110 that will dominate the legislative landscape over the coming days.

We also consider this issue to be the “key that picks the lock” for the remainder of the session. Once Measure 110 legislation gets agreement, we expect the rest of the session to fall into place very quickly.

HB 4002 will be the bill that is used to: recriminalize hard drugs as an ‘unclassified’ misdemeanor, strengthen treatment options as an alternative to jail, and expand funding for community-based treatment.

It is widely expected that law enforcement, district attorneys and local governments will come out in support of the bill as details are released today.

Pending this agreement, OSCC also believes it is in the interest of business organizations to support the bill as it represents the best option to support local communities that we’re going to get in 2024.

What remains is the ‘behind the scenes’ negotiating between majority Democrats and Republicans to secure the votes for passage. It will need to be a bipartisan effort as Democrats likely will not have the votes to pass the bill on their own. Many of their members believe the bill goes “too far.” Likewise, there will be Republicans who vote ‘no’ because the bill “doesn’t go far enough.”

The Joint Committee On Addiction and Community Safety Response will meet this evening at 5pm to consider the deal that is being struck with House Bill 4002.

As details emerge, OSCC will issue an ACTION ALERT and recommend that local Chambers of Commerce either submit written comment here or sign up to testify either in person or remotely by signing here under “Register to Testify.”

Campaign Finance Limits

Last week, the issue of campaign finance reform made an appearance with the new amendments to HB 4024. The new amendment creates campaign spending limits in Oregon for the first time since 1996. The bill has serious momentum in the Capitol and support from Oregon’s major business organizations and unions. The amendment has gained traction this session, as a result of two potential ballot measures that are currently on track to make the 2024 ballot (IP 9 and IP 42). Passage of either ballot measures would severely limit the ability for businesses to participate in future elections.

The linked graphic submitted by Oregon Business and Industry provides a good overview of the limits on candidates and committees that are contained in the new amendments to HB 4024. OSCC is watching this issue very closely as OSCC may want to establish its Defend Small Business PAC as a small donor PAC under the rules proposed by the bill.

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