OSCC: Legislative Update 07/09/24

The time is NOW to fight for small business
With high inflation rates and severe workforce challenges, small businesses need all the support they can get. As the guardian of small business, the Defend Small Business PAC is preparing to fight issues coming in the November election and the 2025 legislative session that would be damaging to small business communities across Oregon.

·     Defeat IP-17 which would create sky-high gross-income taxes for medium-sized businesses that would drain cash flow and jobs.

·     Stop policies that are driving up energy costs which are increasing costs for small businesses and families.

·     Take a stand for policies to deter crime and protect small business and communities from theft and property crimes.

Attacks on small business will not stop without the support of their champions. Small donations make a big difference in our ability to fight harmful policy.

Will you stand with us?

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