OSCC Legislator Report Card

How Did Your Legislator Score

Every year, decisions made by our elected officials have profound consequences that influence the vitality for our local businesses and our communities.

The 2021-22 Legislative Report Card represents the legislative issues that will have greatest impact on Oregon’s local business communities.

OSCC is organized to defend small business and support policies that enable small business success, job growth and income growth in each of our local communities. The Defend Small Business PAC – the political action committee of OSCC – is committed to supporting candidates who understand the importance of defending and prioritizing small businesses and the lives of those who depend on them.

The 2021-22 Legislative Report Card is a reflection of our desire to see that every small business in Oregon can grow, compete, and support their community. Some of the greatest obstacles come from Oregon lawmakers and state government.

This scorecard highlights why it’s important to elect candidates who understand that every small business is essential, and every employee is essential.  Many “talk the talk,” but few “walk the walk.”

The Defend Small Business PAC is dedicated to informing you who “talks the talk” and who “walks the walk.”

It is time to defend our local businesses, our jobs and our communities. Use your Oregon Political Tax Credit today and join the fight.