Barringer and Baker – Vocal and Instrumental Duo

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Listen to a live performance with Mark Barringer and Bob Baker

Mark Barringer: Vocals/Guitar – originally from the San Francisco Bay area Mark has played with many talented musicians. From rock to rhythm and blues, folk to bluegrass, his musical landscape is very eclectic. Strong vocals and guitar are his trademark with a love for his own personal arrangements. Mark currently resides in the beautiful town of Bend, Oregon.

Bob Baker: Violin – Bob grew up as a classically trained violinist but his musical heart swayed to the rock, pop, blues and Americana sounds of his time. He received his bachelor’s degree in Violin from Whitman College and upon graduation returned to Portland, OR to perform and create music in the Pacific Northwest. His roots go back to the music of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. His playing incorporates the precision of the classics with the soulfulness of the rhythm and blues, all set to the strains of the “fiddle” singing in the background.

Barringer and Baker formed seven years after Bob had wandered into a wine bar where Mark was playing in Bend, Oregon. They met, they jammed, and it wasn’t until seven years later when Bob had a home in Sisters, OR that they reconnected and the synergy and energy from the original meeting created the bond and music of Barringer and Baker. You’ll hear the music of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, The Decemberists, John Mellencamp, and Van Morrison to name a few.

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