FHC Vineyards: Charcuterie Class with Justy’s Jelly

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Unleash your inner food artist as Justy guides you through the art of creating your very own 12″ charcuterie masterpiece! Discover the secrets to crafting beautiful meat roses and learn expert arranging tips that will elevate your charcuterie game. You’ll be able to craft the ultimate snack board for the Superbowl, and make it home in time for the 3:30 kickoff as a hero, or hang out and watch in the tasting room until 5pm!

What to Expect:
-Learn how to make stunning meat roses
-Get hands-on experience in charcuterie board arrangement
-Take home your personalized 12″ charcuterie board
-Gain valuable skills for future gatherings

Award-winning wines, wood-fired pizzas, salads, etc available for purchase

No prior experience required – just bring your enthusiasm and appetite for fun!

Limited spots available, so grab your friends and secure your places now! Registration closes February 7th

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