Food is Culture

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Soul Food played a major role in shaping American cuisine.

This is an in-person program. Registration is required. Masks are optional at all in-person library events.

Come hear stories and personal experiences about the importance of Soul food in relation to black culture. Culturally, food points to pertinent historical information about people; where they came from, what they went through and the strength and creativity required to survive hardships. Soul food played a major role in shaping American cuisine and tells a colorful story about black history. This short discussion will cover food-related terms and their ties to black culture. Remember, food is culture.

Victoria’s love for talking (and eating) food has granted her the opportunity to hold a community conversation about Soul Food. She is not a researcher with years of looking up food-related topics under her belt, nor does she claim to be anything close to a food expert. Simply put, she is a community member seeking to connect with and learn about other people as she shares her personal connection to Soul Food.

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