IN A LANDSCAPE: Warm Springs Reservation

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About this location:

Join IN A LANDSCAPE for a time of classical music and cultural storytelling on the Warm Springs Reservation in Warm Springs Oregon.
At 5 pm, we will gather in a sprawling meadow against a backdrop of Mt. Jefferson to welcome Warm Springs tribal elders to the stage to share stories about the culture and traditions of the Warm Springs, Wasco, and Paiute tribes. Come early enough to visit the tribal vendor stands where you can support their community by purchasing gifts of beadwork, photography, and original art.

The concert begins at 6 pm and will feature a special guest artist: the award-winning Native American flutist, James Edmund Greeley.

A gentle reminder: Respect the sacredness of the site by refraining from picking up or removing any objects, including plant life.

Please be mindful that alcohol of any kind is not permitted on Reservation land. Let’s come together to appreciate this cultural celebration in harmony with the natural beauty of the Warm Springs Reservation.

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