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Explore the historical evolution of guitar music with the Portland Guitar Duo.

“Guitarology” is a program that offers a unique look at the history of the guitar and lute through Historical Performance. The Portland Guitar Duo traces the development of the instruments through 5 centuries of music with a collection that includes Renaissance and Baroque lutes, Baroque guitars, Romantic guitars of the 1800s, 10-string guitar and Modern classical guitars.

The duo discusses the aesthetics, repertoire, playing techniques, instrument construction and composers of each period, offering a distinct insight on the historical evolution of guitar music. This program gives expression to the current trend of correct historical interpretation and offers a comprehensive examination of one of the most versatile instruments in music history.

With a shared enthusiasm for the duo medium, James Manuele and Foti Lycouridis formed the Portland Guitar Duo in 1999. They’ve performed in numerous venues throughout the United States as a duo team, as soloists with chamber ensembles, and in appearances on radio and television.

The Portland Guitar Duo focuses on Historical Interpretation and performs on a number of instruments from the guitar and lute families such as Renaissance, Baroque lutes and Mandora, Baroque guitars, Romantic guitars of the 1800s, Modern Classical guitars and 10-string guitars.

In addition to their own transcriptions, two Northwest composers, Matt Doran and Rebecca Oswald, have written works for the Duo

The Portland Guitar Duo plays concerts and festive events.

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