Know Gardens – Tea Making with Metolius Artisan Tea

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Create your own special tea blend with Metolius Tea.

See, smell, taste, and play with herbs and spices to make your own unique tea and bring home your very own tea blend. You’ll also get to name your tea and decorate your own tea jar label. This workshop is led by 13-year-old Sevi Stahl, the daughter of Metolius Tea’s founder.

All ages welcome. Limited to 10 guests.

Sevi Stahl, age 13, is about the same age as local business Metolius Tea. Since she was a tiny, precocious little thing, she played in the packing peanuts and made forts with the big boxes the herbs and spices came in. She assisted in blending teas, filling tea jars, labeling bags, welcoming customers, and flitting around the tea factory like a human butterfly. She sat at factory tables for online school during COVID. Most years, the “tea parents” put on kids’ tea making workshops for her and the other tea factory kids. Now Sevi enjoys sharing her lifelong love of tea artistry with others.

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