Know Stars: A View of the Cosmos at the Worthy Brewing Hopservatory

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Explore the cosmos at the Hopservatory.

This is an in-person program. Registration is required.

The Hopservatory presents an experience that transcends age, captivating both adults and younger minds alike, rendering all spellbound by the splendor of the stars! Our knowledgeable docents, Grant, and William will regale you with playful banter, amusing anecdotes, and clever puns that orbit around the realm of the stars. Through the eyepiece of our 16-inch research-grade telescope, discover the splendor of distant galaxies, the enigmatic allure of planets, the luminous congregation of star clusters, and the ethereal beauty of nebulae. Not to mention the occasional view of our loyal companion, the Moon.

Please remember our capacity is limited, a brief moment of patience may be required as you await your turn in the ever-moving queue. Inclement weather may impede or even cancel a program.

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