Lecture – Coexistence and Regeneration: “Rethinking Fire”

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Join us for the final installment of the 2022 Coexistence and Regeneration Lecture Series, presented by Pine Meadow Ranch for Arts and Agriculture and The Roundhouse Foundation. Speakers will share the transformative, regenerative and collaborative forces at play in today’s environment, specifically surrounding wildfire. Lectures include: “Rubbing Shoulders with Burnt Trees” by Ken van Rees, Professor of Forest Soil, ret., University of Saskatchewan, and artist; “Collaborative Forest Restoration: A Win-Win for People and Nature” by Marko Bey and Belinda Brown of the Lomakatsi Restoration Project and “Land and Community Regeneration” by Mike Hayward and Alyssa Cudmore of Wallowa Resources. Visit the events page for a complete description of each of the evening’s presentations.

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