Live at the Vineyard: The Sun Threaders

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The Sun Threaders, a duo of pianist Evan Mullins and violinist Leah Beshore, thread the musical needle, their two diverse musical paths combining for a unique and synergistic sonic experience that speaks the language of classical music, jazz, gypsy, Americana, Folk, Country and the songbook of the sixties and seventies. A concert violinist, Leah brings over 20 years of symphonic work, as well as years of multi-genre band experience. Evan also has an extensive musical resume (Watkins Glen, The Silvertone Devils, Boomer Country) rooted in a lifelong fascination with piano from a young age and vocals to match. The Sun Threaders spin magical musical threads through the familiar and obscure, from Hank to Dylan, Irving to Garcia, and originals and improvisations that delight audiences.

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