Music in Public Places at the High Desert Music Hall

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Enjoy an hour of music courtesy of the Central Oregon Symphony.

This is an in-person program. Doors open at 1:30 p.m.

The Licorice Players Club is a group of four clarinet players comprised of members Danielle Morone, Steven Arrasmith, Mischa Potuzak, and Mirim Champer.

Danielle Morone is a middle-aged, recreational clarinetist. When she is not lawyering by day, she can be found shuttling her two children to various extra-curricular activities all around Central Oregon and negotiating with her husband regarding whose turn it is to make dinner. Danielle was a dutiful clarinetist during her high school and college years, but put her horn down when “real life” entered the picture. Now that her children are old enough to have selected their own instruments (a clarinet for her daughter, and piano and trombone for her son), Danielle has picked back up her horn, alongside her husband who plays the saxophone. Stay tuned for future family band performance dates (wink, wink). Danielle considers the opportunity to join The Licorice Players Club the highlight of calendar year 2023 to date!

Steven Arrasmith earned his Master of Arts in Music Education from Oregon Center for the Arts at Southern Oregon University. Accomplished clarinetist & bassoonist, performing with
professional and amateur ensembles throughout Oregon and Washington. Studied under Lori Calhoun, Principal Clarinetist at the Rogue Valley Symphony, and Dr. Rhett Bender, Professor
of Music at Southern Oregon University. Passionate about supporting diverse community music-making with audiences and artists. Steven currently teaches music, owner of Black Cat Reeds & Studios and is in the process of completing his License of Massage Therapy at Central Oregon Community College.

Mischa Potuzak is a graduate of Washington State University and holds a Bachelor of Music in Performance. He was fortunate to have a father who was a school band director and a music education coordinator who started Mischa’s musical training at an early age. During his formative years, Mischa was able to explore and play many different instruments before focusing on the clarinet. He had numerous teachers during his school years which included studying with Larry McDaniels of the Seattle Symphony. After finishing at Washington State University, Mischa furthered his training with Mitchell Lurie at the University of Southern California. Mischa’s love of music and performance continued, but eventually his family and career became his primary focus. Recently Mischa retired and moved to Bend where he found an amazing community of talented musicians. Bend has welcomed Mischa into this wonderful community and also his wife who now plays violin in the Central Oregon Symphony, A special thanks goes to Steven Arrasmith who has guided and encouraged Mischa’s return to the clarinet.

Miriam Champer studied clarinet and saxophone at Lane Community College and then earned a Bachelor’s of Music at the University of Washington in 2011. She switched gears a bit
after this to move to New York City to complete medical school at Columbia University and then train in Obstetrics & Gynecology in the Bronx. She has lived in Bend for the past 2 years with her husband Spencer, rescue pups Ruti and Pickles, and bunny Horatio. When not practicing medicine, she still loves to practice clarinet, and her life has now been greatly enriched having met such talented clarinet friends to play with

Music in Public Places is a program of the Central Oregon Symphony Association. These concerts are held at Central Oregon venues that traditionally are not recognized as being music concert venues. MIPP concerts are designed to offer serendipitous music experiences for the community, free of charge.

The Central Oregon Symphony is a community-based orchestra, the success of which is grounded in the tremendous generosity of its members who volunteer their time and talent for the love of orchestral music. The ensemble was formed in 1967 as a part of the expanding Central Oregon Community College Fine Arts Department.

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