New Workshop Teaches Seniors How to Safeguard Against Identity Theft

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Redmond, Oregon – In response to the growing threat of identity theft, especially among older adults, the Redmond Senior Center is hosting a free educational workshop. The session, scheduled for Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at 1:00 PM, will focus on practical strategies to help seniors protect their personal information from fraudsters.

Identity Theft: A Growing Concern for Seniors
The workshop will be led by Randi Osbon, a respected Branch Manager at First Interstate Bank in Redmond, who brings firsthand experience in financial security. The session will cover various aspects of identity theft, including common tactics used by thieves, how to spot fraudulent activities, and the steps one can take to secure personal and financial information.
Randi Osbon emphasizes the severe impact of identity theft, particularly on seniors who may lack the resources to regain lost assets. She highlights that the purpose of the class is to equip older adults with the necessary knowledge and tools to defend themselves from such threats.

Why This Workshop Is Essential
Statistics reveal that older adults are particularly vulnerable to identity theft, making education and preventive measures critical. During the workshop, attendees will learn:
• How identity theft occurs and the latest scams targeting seniors.
• Steps to take if one’s identity has been compromised.
• Best practices for managing and safeguarding personal information.

Event Details:
• Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024
• Time: 1:00 PM
• Location: Redmond Senior Center, 325 NW Dogwood Ave., Redmond, Oregon
• Cost: Free

Registration and Contact Information
No registration is needed, and the event is FREE.

About the Redmond Senior Center
The Redmond Senior Center serves as a hub for senior education and social engagement, providing resources and activities designed to enhance the quality of life for older adults in the Redmond community.

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