New Year New Moon Gathering

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It’s the first new moon of the new year! 2023 is upon us and we’re celebrating at Namaspa by aligning our inner landscape to the cosmos around us. We’ll gather together under the power of January’s first New Moon to share Ayurvedic Spiced Cider and have a collective tarot reading and astrology report. Each individual will take home an oracle card with unique inspiration as a souvenir of the experience.

The new moon brings a power of new beginnings upon our planet offering an opportune time to reflect, start fresh and align with your intentions. We’ll learn and discuss how to intentionally harness the power of the moon in all of its phases as we enjoy a warm & freshly prepared cup of Ayurvedic Spiced Cider.

The evening will end with a “sound bath” to clear and charge your energetic field. Elemental chimes, didgeridoo and crystal singing bowls attuned to the frequencies of the nervous system are used to nourish you on a deep level while you lay supported by bolsters and props. You’ll leave with a renewed sense of being, a connection to the mystical, and inspiration for living life in 2023 aligned with purpose.

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