ONLINE ONLY: The Auntie Way – Celebrating Kindness, Fierceness, & Creativity

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Be inspired by the strength and generosity of Aunties from the Yakama Reservation and beyond.

This is a live webinar.

Yakama author Michelle M. Jacob enjoys celebrating the love and wisdom of her Aunties. In fact, she wrote a book of Auntie stories doing just that. Join this event to be inspired by the strength and generosity of Aunties from the Yakama Reservation and beyond. Dr. Jacob will read from her book, The Auntie Way, and will discuss the importance of Indigenous feminisms in traditional Plateau teachings and how Indigenous education can be a powerful source of inspiration for all peoples today.

Michelle M. Jacob loves imagining a future in which kindness, fierceness, and creativity saturate our lives and institutions in delicious and inviting ways. Dr. Jacob does this in her popular The Auntie Way Writing Retreats and Anahuy Mentoring Leadership Academy professional development workshops, in which she draws from her Yakama Indigenous cultural teachings to encourage and support educators and students in developing clear visions that bring about radical and sustainable social justice change that help us become stronger individuals who contribute to our communities. Doing so is part of a long-standing tradition of protesting structures that oppress and suppress Indigenous ways of knowing and being. Dr. Jacob is an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation and is Professor of Indigenous Studies and Co-Director of the Sapsik’ʷałá Program in the Department of Education Studies at the University of Oregon where she also serves as Affiliated Faculty in the Department of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies and in the Environmental Studies Program. Michelle has published six books and has numerous articles published in social science, education, and health science research journals, as well as a strong grant writing track-record. Her research areas of interest include: Indigenous methodologies, spirituality, health, education, Native feminisms, and decolonization. Dr. Jacob founded Anahuy Mentoring, LLC to support her vision of sharing Indigenous methodologies with a broad audience of professionals through her books, professional development, coaching, and consultation. Anahúy is the Yakama Ichishkíin word for black bear, and English speakers would pronounce it as Anna-WHOEE. Anahuy is also the name of Michelle’s beloved Rez Dog, who adores playing ball with Michelle and her loving family at Yakama.

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