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Dr. Carr’s Ecopoetry Jukebox is an interactive, electronic jukebox with twelve ecopoetic selections. During the workshop, you’ll learn about how the Ecopoetry Jukebox works, why it was made, and how that matters to you and your own artistic practice.

This is a live, interactive workshop. Registered participants will receive a Zoom link to join the meeting.

Along the way, we’ll explore a diverse selection of ecopoets, some living and some dead, some “canonical” and some “experimental;” we’ll discuss how these poets are making homes in the medium of poetry (eco = home and poesis = to make); and we’ll brainstorm strategies for writing our own ecopoems. Then, we’ll play the Ecopoetry Jukebox together, using our selections to generate original creative work. We’ll end the session with sharing, reflection, and prompts for deeper exploration.

This highly generative workshop is open to all levels of poets and writers, as well as folks who haven’t yet identified themselves as poets and writers!

Emily Carr is a Tarot storyteller, ransom artist, divorce poet, and ecofeminist teacher. After she got an MFA in poetry from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, she took a doctorate in ecopoetics at the University of Calgary. These days, she’s Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at New College of Florida. Her McSweeney’s collection, whosoever has let a minotaur enter them, or a sonnet-, inspired a beer of the same name, brewed at the Ale Apothecary in Bend, Oregon. Emily’s Tarot romance, Name Your Bird Without A Gun, is now available from Spork. Emily has published essays on storytelling and the Tarot in American Poetry Review (September/October 2019) and the Writer’s Chronicle (Spring 2020).

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