ReadersMagnet Book Confab Beverly Hills: Helping Authors Share The Stories Behind Their Stories

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Self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet opens its book event season with the Book Confab
Beverly Hills. The event, which is the company’s fifth book confab overall, will take place on April 17-18, 2024, at 276 La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills.

After staging successful book confabs in Tribeca, San Francisco, San Diego, and Manhattan, ReadersMagnet looks forward to duplicating its feat in the glamorous Beverly Hills, home to many of the world’s famous personalities and biggest brands. The city, which is one of Los Angeles County’s famous districts, has a vibrant literary scene abundant in literary organizations, writing workshops and competitions, storytelling events, poetry events, and book launches.

ReadersMagnet aims to contribute to the city’s literary culture by holding the Book Confab Beverly Hills, which promises to be a bigger, grander, and more festive event celebrating literature and community. The spotlight of the event will fall on the authors who are some of the boldest, brightest, and most talented writers the world has yet to know.

During their respective BookTok sessions, authors will share not only their art of writing and storytelling but also the stories behind their stories, giving readers a behind-the-scene look into their writing and publishing journey. They will invite the attendees to journey with them in their story-building process and share their trials and joys of publishing. Authors will challenge their audience to examine their beliefs, explore different perspectives, and live out the books they have read.

The Book Confab Beverly Hills will take place just a few days and kilometers away from the L.A. Times Festival of Books on April 20-21 in Los Angeles. Indeed, ReadersMagnet’s fifth book confab will serve as a literary appetizer for authors and booklovers who will be attending the country’s largest book festival. The company aims to offer attendees an to alternative to the crowds and noise of large literary festivals with an interactive and intimate setting that offers readers a chance for book discussions with authors – an experience that is at the root of how readers experience books and how ReadersMagnet do book events.

Hear incredible storytellers share the stories behind their stories – and be part of the story. ReadersMagnet invites everyone to the Book Confab Beverly Hills. For more information:
Phone: +1 (800) 805-0762

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