Redmond Senior Center Hosts Free Blood Pressure Mastery Class

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The Redmond Senior Center is excited to announce an upcoming free event, “Blood Pressure Mastery: Your Path Towards Health,” scheduled for June 10, 2024. This informative session teaches attendees how to manage their blood pressure effectively through lifestyle changes without being entirely dependent on medications.
Event Details:
• Date: June 10, 2024
• Time: 1 PM (After-lunch presentation)
• Location: Redmond Senior Center, 325 NW Dogwood Ave, Redmond
Karin Allumbaugh, MS, a renowned Functional Medicine Practitioner with years of experience in holistic health, will lead the session. Karin will deliver a comprehensive presentation that includes key insights into nutrition, heart-healthy recipes, healing practices, and practical tips for blood pressure management.
Attendees will learn:
• The impact of dietary choices on blood pressure levels
• Simple and delicious recipes that promote heart health
• Effective healing practices, including mindfulness techniques and gentle physical activities
Advanced tips and actionable strategies for managing blood pressure naturally
“We’re thrilled to host an event that offers practical, science-based strategies to help individuals take control of their health,” said event organizer James Morris, Marketing Coordinator for the Redmond Senior Center. “Our goal is to provide attendees with valuable knowledge and tools you can immediately apply to your daily life.”
This session is particularly beneficial for seniors and individuals managing hypertension, offering them the tools to make meaningful lifestyle changes in a supportive environment. Unlike typical health talks, this event is designed to be interactive and engaging, ensuring participants leave with concrete steps to enhance their well-being.
About the Presenter:
Karin Allumbaugh, MS, is a dedicated Functional Medicine Practitioner whose approach combines scientific research with personalized care. Her commitment to holistic health ensures that each piece of advice is practical and sustainable.
Join us for this transformative afternoon and take the first step towards mastering your blood pressure. Space is limited, so arrive early—no reservations are required.
We look forward to seeing you at the Redmond Senior Center for an afternoon of education and empowerment.

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