Religion 101: A Brothers K Discussion

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Engage in a lively discussion on Christianity, Buddhism and baseball.

Note: It is highly recommended that attendees have read The Brothers K by David James Duncan to fully engage in the discussion.

Program Description

“In an hour or so I’d like us to consider four LARGE questions, questions that Duncan’s, The Brothers K, bring to the surface:

1. What do we mean by the word “religion” or “religious”?
2. What are the basics of the Christian faith? Buddhism? Baseball? (I’m no expert on baseball; I was a swimmer. But baseball is a religion in The Brothers K.)
3. What does “fundamentalism” mean in any religion? In Christianity, specifically?
4. Why is religion so doggone divisive?
There will be no proselytizing by me or anyone else present. We won’t criticize other’s views or ideas. I won’t do all the talking. We gather to learn and understand. We don’t have to agree with one another, or with me, but we won’t attack those with whom we disagree. With any luck, we’ll have time for questions.

I Hope…
– you will perhaps be surprised.
– perhaps your thinking will shift.
– your understanding will deepen, both of your yourself and the ideas we discuss and consider.

I look forward to being with you. – Steve”

Steve Trotter Biography
“I’m Steve Trotter. If you want to be formal, call me The Rev. Dr. Steven F. Trotter. I prefer ‘Steve’. Along with my wife, I’ve lived in Redmond since June of 2020. Past locations include, in chronological order, Washington, Minnesota, Washington, Maryland, Montana, Washington, Lithuania, Washington and Oregon. If three months in the Philippines count, put them during the first Washington.
I’m a retired pastor and university teacher. I was a pastor in mainly smaller congregations in smaller towns. I’ve taught philosophy (critical thinking and logic) comparative religion, some history and theology and writing. At heart I’m a teacher. I also love music, though lack of flexibility now precludes playing (but doesn’t get in the way of singing.) I enjoy people, and get along with most. I admit it: self-absorbed people don’t keep my attention. I love to debate ideas, though I’m not a fan of arguing. I’m addicted to books and coffee. I confess to liking beer, something I know a little about, and wine, something about which I know only what I like.”

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