Revolutionary Gratitude Journaling

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Create a gratitude journal using notebooks, art papers, stamps, and inks!

This is an in-person program. Registration is required.

A gratitude journal is a tool to record what you are thankful for throughout your day and/or life. Science shows gratitude helps people increase feelings of happiness and overall wellbeing, improve their physical and mental health, reduce toxic emotions, increase resilience, and build strong relationships – even sleep better!

Using beautiful art papers, a blank notebook, stamps, and inks, you will design and assemble your own customized gratitude journal. It can be nature-inspired, elegant, groovy, fun, however you wish. In addition to creating front and back covers, you can build front and back inside pockets to store the provided gratitude prompts and the provided bookmark of encouraging words – come and release your inner artist!

About the Presenter: Kristin Darnell discovered a love of paper crafting and book making upon her retirement to Central Oregon in 2014. She especially likes discovering and encouraging the inner artist and sharing the creative experience with others.

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