Solar Return Retreat

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Would you like to escape the everyday stresses of life and immerse yourself in one of Central Oregon’s most breathtaking landscapes? We’ve got just the thing: an adventure wellness retreat at Juniper Preserve. Our custom itinerary design will have you hiking through lush Juniper forests; hiking up mountains; exploring caves; learning about local history; paddleboarding in freshwater lakes; horseback riding, you name it! You’re here for two nights at Juniper Preserve, and this is just the beginning of an incredible journey that will change how you look at yourself, how you look at life, and how you live it from now on. We can’t wait for you to join us!
Contact our Wellness Concierge for introductory pricing:
RSVP: retreats@juniperpreserve

2 Night Accommodations
6 Nourishing Meals
Daily Yoga Classes
Meditation & Mindfulness Classes
Breathwork Immersion
Adventure Excursion
Kava Kava & Cacao Ceremony
$500 Wellness Credit*
An Immersive Retreat Experience

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