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The Redmond Senior Center with Stroke Awareness Oregon is proud to announce an upcoming educational session, “Stroke 101,” set to take place at the Redmond Senior Center on April 3, 2024. This informative and empowering class is designed to bolster knowledge about stroke prevention, early recognition of stroke signs, and managing life post-stroke. It aims to serve not only as an educational resource but as a lifeline to those seeking to safeguard themselves and loved ones from the silent and swift dangers of stroke.

“Stroke 101” is tailored for Seniors, Caregivers, and Community Health Enthusiasts who aspire to learn more about the risk factors, prevention, and the necessity of swift action in the wake of a stroke. Spearheaded by Kate Eskew, a revered educator in stroke awareness, the session promises a comprehensive guide through the complexities surrounding strokes with a focus on proactive prevention and recovery strategies.

The 1-hour presentation at Redmond Senior Center begins at 1 PM and is open to the public free of charge. The class underscores Stroke Awareness Oregon’s commitment to fostering a stroke-informed community, equipped to recognize and react aptly to stroke signs, and to minimize the impact through preventive measures.

Kate Eskew, leading the seminar, brings invaluable insights from her broad experience with Stroke Awareness and her personal connection to the cause. The program aims to instill a sense of preparedness and resilience, ensuring participants walk away with knowledge that can save lives.

Stroke Awareness Oregon encourages everyone in the community to join this vital conversation. Your participation could be the beacon of hope for tomorrow. The organization believes that everyone can play a role in turning the tides against stroke and is dedicated to empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge to do just that.

For additional details about the “Stroke 101” class, please contact the Redmond Senior Center directly. Together, we can build a stroke-aware community where knowledge truly is the best protection.

About Stroke Awareness Oregon

Stroke Awareness Oregon is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the impact of stroke through awareness, education, and support for stroke survivors and their families. With a proactive approach to prevention and recovery, SAO works tirelessly to empower communities with the knowledge and tools to combat stroke.

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