Talking with Kids About Safety from Sexual Abuse with KIDS Center at SPRD

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Learn how to talk with kids about preventing sexual abuse.

This is an in-person program. Registration is required.

Talking about personal safety creates a protective bond between parent and child, increasing confidence for both and instilling knowledge that makes children and teens much less vulnerable. In this one (1) hour training, adults will learn the importance of relationships and resiliency, receive examples of how to talk about personal safety with children, and learn how to use everyday opportunities to talk with children about sexual abuse and its prevention.

KIDS Center is a medical model Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) providing child abuse evaluations that include a head-to-toe medical exam, child-friendly forensic interview, family advocacy, and mental health services to children and families impacted by abuse. In addition, our services include prevention programs to help teach adults in our community how to better protect children from abuse.

Children are referred for a KIDS Center evaluation by one of four community partners including law enforcement, DHS Child Welfare, medical providers, and licensed mental health professionals. Children and families can engage in KIDS Center advocacy and mental health services without participating in an evaluation. All of KIDS Center services are provided at no cost.

To register, visit or call (541) 383-5958

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