Unraveling into Pleasure: Acknowledging the Body(s) to make way for FLOW

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If you have ever felt at odds with the word Pleasure, this space is for you. Pleasure can be triggering to all bodies and to women even more so. As a woman living in a society that sexualizes the sensual, commodifies the body, and thrives off of your self loathing- the ability to access your Pleasure becomes a complexity. A complexity that some may altogether give up on.
But, Pleasure is closer than you know. Let us unite on this new moon and discover a way forward into your inherent Pleasure!

During our time together we will:
~create a safe container for truth and trust
~connect through shared stories
~play with an optional definition of Pleasure
~contact different aspects of Body
~move and experience subtle layers within
~gain insight on accessing Pleasure moving forward

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