Wet T Shirt Contest

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September third set up will be 10 am. Sign ups start at 11am. $20 to be a contestant, $15 for just coming into the door.

There will be 30 women able to sign up. 3 rounds of 10 best 2 women from each round will go to the last round of 6.

All the money from the contestants goes into the pot for them too win!! ($600)

1 round for the mens category of wet boxer contest and 1 winner of 10, or we’ll do the top three do one last final round. ($200)

The Rules to the wet Tshirt Contest.

·No Full Nudity

·No grabbing other contestants unless they both bring signed consent forms that they both are ok for that in the contest.

·No grabbing the contestants or the employees inappropriately

·must wear one of the white shirts (men:white boxers) we provide, we will have in multiple sizes to choose from.

·No touching the crowd when your in the contest round.

·The crowd decides! If it seems to be a tie, the Comic Sport Commentators and Dj will all write their pick on a peice of paper and will be best of 2 out if 3.

·Good sportsmanship (no yelling at hosts, commentators, employees or other contenders) chill vibes only, no freak outs

·have fun!!

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