Women’s Equality Day Workshop

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Honor Women’s Equality Day with a workshop examining historic representations of women.

This is an in-person program. Registration is required. Masks are recommended at all in-person library events.

This workshop is intended for teens and adults.

Historic images reflect women’s lives. How were women of the past portrayed? Do the images show women’s limited sphere or else an expanded role within society? Join us as we analyze vintage postcards, looking for perspectives and messages within the images. We will also write a “history haiku” poem inspired by the struggle for women’s rights.

Eileen Tannich Gose comes from a long line of strong women. As a result, she realizes that the gains in equality for women today come from the efforts of women in the past. Eileen’s research of the topic resulted in the book, Reflecting Freedom: How Fashion Mirrored the Struggle for Women’s Rights. In addition to her scholarship of women’s equality and fashion, Eileen holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and master’s degree in education.

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