Redmond Chamber Workshop – “Understanding the Employee Journey: Secrets to Retention”

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Understanding the Employee Journey: Secrets to Retention

This program is tailored for leaders, managers, and small business owners dedicated to
retaining their most valuable asset, their team, and creating an environment where employees
Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to retain valuable employees, boost morale, and
create a workplace where everyone wants to stay and grow.
Discover what and who you are hiring for. Learn why it is essential to strive to create a
supportive work environment. Understand how to communicate effectively. Explore ways to
develop a strong sense of purpose and belonging.
Abby Gorman, the owner and founder of Symplexi Employee Development, started her career
over two decades ago in the Newspaper industry, where she dedicated herself to cultivating
and nurturing robust teams. Throughout her professional journey, Abby recognized the
immense value of empowering individuals to reach their full potential. As a certified
development coach with a wealth of life and business experience, Abby has merged her expertise
and collaborates with companies to grow and empower their teams.

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