Writers Writing: State of the Agent Panel

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Publishing agents answer questions about the industry.

You can attend this program online or in person. To take part online, register through the Library website.

So called “gate keepers,” with myriad routes to publication available
today – traditional, hybrid, boutique, or simply self-published (too often prematurely) – coupled with the further consolidation of what is now the Big Four houses, what role do literary agents any longer play in the industry? This panel will feature representatives from three agencies discussing what they’re looking for in writers, what they’re not, how publishing independently can undermine publisher interest, where they fit in and what they can do for you, as well as field questions from participants. Sponsored by the Sunriver Writers’ Summit.

Central Oregon Writers Guild’s mission is to provide Central Oregon area writers a forum for mutual support and education through meetings, annual events and workshops. Our goal is to advance growth and success for individual writers of all genres and skill levels. Founded in 2002, the Guild is a non-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers.

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