Yes, I’m Native. No, My Liver Doesn’t Hurt.

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Explore the history of Indigenous people’s health in the United States.

This is an in-person program.

Amanda Page leads an exploration of the health of Indigenous people in United States history, including the overwhelming disparities. To understand the health crisis that is facing Indigenous people today, you have to understand the root cause. This is an introduction to the history of people Indigenous to the United States since colonialism began. Page relays the story of the Klamath Tribes of Southern Oregon and the affects of Federal Indian Policy on them. As Page says, “Learning this history is the first step in understanding how generational trauma has caused such a huge disparity in the health of Indigenous people in the US.”

Amanda Page is an enrolled member of the Klamath Tribes. She was raised on the land that her ancestors have inhabited since time immemorial. She currently works in Central Oregon as a critical care flight paramedic. Through this lens, she has personally seen the disparities in healthcare given Indigenous people and is passionate about educating others on the topic.

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