Redmond Startlight Parade is Saturday November 27th, 2021 at 5pm.

The parade runs down 6th street from Dogwood to Forest.

Bundle up and bring the whole family down to enjoy the festivites!

Immediately after the parade, join us at the Holiday Village Market

in Centenntial Park for the Redmond Tree Lighting with Santa Clause. 



Parade Entrant Information and Forms Below:

CHECK IN Begins: 3:30PM (at 6th & Dogwood)

Parade Judging: 4PM (Float must be complete by 4pm)

Parade Starts: 5PM (Illuminating lights required for all entries)

Parade ends at Forest, Please DO NOT use north bound 7th due to congestion

Deadline for parade registration is November 24th at 5PM

There will be no day-of registrations



 Please READ & SIGN

Redmond Chamber of Commerce Parade Rules/Guidelines

The Redmond Chamber of Commerce hosts many events in Redmond that are intended to bring people downtown, boost commerce and activity and attract families and others in a festive and safe atmosphere.  Part of the Chamber’s portfolio includes hosting some key community events – such as parades.  Specifically, the Starlight Parade and the 4th of July Parade.

These rules and guidelines are intended to set the expectations for participants and spectators. The Chamber’s goal is to host events throughout the year with the intent that they are family friendly, enjoyable for all, and respectful of our greater community.  Violation of the spirit or rules of this parade may result in your disqualification and inability to attend future parades or events.  Participation in the parade is at the sole discretion of the Redmond Chamber of Commerce.  

The Redmond Chamber of Commerce requires all participants to act in good faith and strictly adhere to the following rules.  This parade, along with the other parades we host throughout the year, while public in nature, is a private event that the Chamber organizes and hosts for the benefit of the entire Redmond community.

Parade Guidelines and Rules for the Starlight Parade (and the 4th of July Parade):

The Chamber strives to ensure the parade is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

  1. At any point in the route, we will ask participants to exit the parade if they challenge or violate these rules.
  2. By signing up to participate in the parade, you agree the Chamber can share your entry information with the press and public.
  3. This is a family-friendly, non-political event. No symbols, banners, signs, flags, or statements that can be viewed as hateful, offensive, or political can be part of your entry.
  4. Profanity will not be tolerated.
  5. All entries must be decorated to the fullest extent to participate.
  6. Participants who have floats, trailers, or large entries must have people walking along each side and each corner for safety purposes. Walkers are to stay alert and prevent spectators from running up to the entry.
  7. Mounted entries must have walkers next to them. Walkers are there for the safety of the horses, rider, and spectators.
  8. Pooper Scoopers are required for all Mounted / Animal Entries.

Rules for tossing Candy

  1. Candy can only be thrown by individuals 12 years of age and older.
  2. Candy must be tossed away from the vehicles. This for your safety and parade spectators.
  3. Candy cannot be thrown from large vehicles (i.e. Semi-truck or trucks pulling trailers). You must have walkers on each side of your vehicle tossing or handing out candy.

If you have any questions on what is allowed, please contact the Chamber.

The Chamber shall have the sole discretion and authority to enforce and interpret these rules.  A first violation of these rules will result in a warning and request to abate or correct the rule violation.  Failure to promptly correct or comply with the rules after a warning shall result in the participant being barred from this specific event, which may prohibit future participation in Chamber events including parades.

Participation in this parade is subject to these rules.  By submitting your application, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these rules.

Participant Name: ________________________

Participant Signature: _________________________

Thank you for your participation and have a safe parade.