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March 26th, 2019


  1. Grab a blanket and a picnic basket to any of the parks in Redmond, find out more about our many parks here. While on your picnic, fill in your own wildlife bingo sheet with birds, trees, or anything else to spy while enjoying the spring sunshine, first to get three in a row wins!
  2. Take a bike ride or try your hand at Disc Golf along the Dry Canyon Trail. Don't forget the Dry Canyon has pavement AND mountain biking trails on the sides. Woo-Hoo! Have you tried out the new Redmond Homestead Pumptrack yet? Now is the time to get your wheels over there! 
  3. Start a lemonade stand or cookie sale and use the earnings to help out someone like Alex or donate locally to our sweet furry friends at Brightside Humane Society.  Bring donations from their wish list like blankets, detergent or food and make sure to cuddle some kitties when you drop off donations!   
  4. Volunteer together at a local organization. Contact the city parks department and ask if you can help pull weeds or volunteer to plant flowers for them
  5. Take a stroll downtown and check out all the new things happening in Redmond, catch a movie at the Odem Theater, play pinball at Top Score Arcade, get some sweet treats at Sweet Oasis or just stop in to a local business to browse and say a friendly ‘hello’ it’s what makes Redmond, Redmond. You can also greet the adorable resident piggie at Every Bloom'n Thing!
  6. Grab finger paints & paper and head to a favorite art sculpture in Redmond, such as American Legion Park’s Heart Sculpture, your favorite playground, or just out on your front porch and paint your favorite scene in Redmond. Ask a parent to post a pic on social media of your Redmond masterpiece and tag us #visitRDM for a chance to be featured!   
  7. Make a bird feeder to hang in a tree outside, then visit the birds at the High Desert Museum or head to the annual migratory bird festival in Harney County. 
  8. Learn a new hobby! Learn how to make friendship bracelets, make giant bubbles or or just browse the craft section for some fresh ideas!
  9. Rainy or blustery day? Go to your local library story time! Then pick out a book to take home and read each evening in your favorite reading nook. Don’t have a reading nook, make a simple reading nook by finding a comfy spot (a corner or closet is oh-so-cozy!) layering it with a blanket, pillows, and twinkle lights or a booklight. Ta-da, let the cozy reading commence!
  10. Pick a fallen leaf, seed, berry, flower, branch or found object, now study it and draw it! Take note of the shapes, colors, texture and detail, draw what you see. Next get a shadow box making sure it’s deep enough to place your found object inside, then place your drawn creation behind it; look at that work of nature AND your work of art!

Now get out there and spend some quality time enjoying your family and this wonderful season of Spring!