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June 14th, 2018

Redmond is the perfect place to visit any time of year, but it's particularly special in summer!

   In this video, we follow a young couple as they escape their dreary, rainy city for a relaxing weekend away in Redmond, Oregon. Their first stop is to visit the Peter Skene Ogden Wayside , a beautiful place to view more than 300 feet down into the Crooked River Canyon. There are 3 bridges that span this part of the canyon, the Crooked River Railroad Bridge, the Rex T. Barber Veterans Memorial Highway 97 bridge, and the original Crooked River High Bridge, completed in 1926, and in use until 2000. The High Bridge is an amazing feat of architecture which is still open as a pedestrian bridge, where you can take in the view of one of the deepest canyons in the Oregon.

   They then make their way into Redmond to have lunch at Wild Ride Brewing, one of Redmond's many locally owned and operated brew pubs. Wild Ride's open ourdoor seating area is home to many amazing food carts, including Red Road Pizza Company Food Truck. One of their specialty pizzas is the perfect companion to one of Wild Ride's delightful seasonal IPAs. 

   After a nice lunch, our travellers decide to head back north, to the rugged, gorgeous, and ancient Steelhead Falls, where in addition to the beautiful falls, excellent swimming holes, and stunning geography, seasonal wildflowers bloom with vigor. The sloping half mile hike's descent takes you through millions of years of geological history, observable through the fascinating strata of a myriad of rock types. Steelhead Falls is great for everyone, from those looking to cool off to those interested in geology, to those just looking for a nice hike!

   Redmond is home to many wonderful and innovative accomodations, one of which is Panacea at the Canyon, a glamp ground that "Provides an eco-conscious and luxurious sanctuary where travelers can truly unplug and unwind, where one can simply be." Panacea is the ultimate location to truly get away from it all.

   Redmond is the perfect place to escape the dreariness of city life, to rediscover the quaintness of a small "Stars Hollow" style town, and to take in the beauty and starkness of the High Desert. Redmond truly is the best place to unpack once, and discover all that Central Oregon has to offer.