Find a list of Restaurants offering to-go/delivery options



Find a list of local businesses offering online sales






Impact Calculator to utilize when applying for grants HERE 

SBA: Small Business Association: Loan & Guidance Resources HERE 

  • Businesses with no employees or less than 100 employees should contact SBA through the website, email or by phone 1-800-469-5512 
  • Low Interest Disaster Loan Assistance is available for businesses & non profits 

New Stimulus Package Small Business Compensation Details and Q&A: HERE

CARES Act: Coronavirus Aid Relief Economic Security Act: Guide for help HERE. This includes:

Paycheck Protection Loan Program through the CARES act for small businesses, info HERE

  • PayrollProtection Loan Specifics: If you work in the Gig Economy, are a 1099 worker,a 1 person business, independent contractor , work for hire, self-employed, you are eligible for a payroll protection loan along with any business with less than 500 employees. Go to your bank's website AND call your banker if you have one and ask about the government Payroll Protection Program. This is a completely different program that what you have seen from the sba.

EIDL, Economic Injury Disaster Loan: Unlike the Payroll Protection Loan, this loan needs to be repaid.  How to apply:

Step 1: Visit SBA disaster loan website to begin the loan application process: Note: Before entering any personal information, be sure you are on the real Small Business Association site at

Step 2: Verify Eligibility, this is a two part verification:

  • The first part certifies that your business falls within the parameters of the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Program. Choose the one description that fits your business.
  • In the second part, you must certify that your business is not engaged in certain disqualifying activities. Review and check each of the boxes before continuing.

Then click the “Continue” button to be taken to the online application.

Step 3: Provide you business information, gather these documents and information:

  • The legal and trade names of your business.
  • Your Federal EIN number or Social Security number.
  • Gross revenue and cost of goods sold for the 12 months leading up to January 31, 2020.
  • The date your business was founded.
  • The number of employees.


Oregon4Biz, Business Oregon: help and resources for those looking for assistance HERE 

  • Financial Assistance, Business Planning, Counseling and Resources HERE 
  • Help others by with their Supply Needs, by providing a connection to suppliers HERE 

OCF, Oregon Community Recovery Fund Funding assistance for Non-Profits HERE 

  • Resources for Grant Seekers HERE 
  • Resources for Higher Education Scholarships HERE 

Facebook Small Business Grant, info on how to apply HERE 

  • Facebook is offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits for up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in over 30 countries where we operate. We’ll share more details as they become available. 

 BigCartel is providing financial help to their customers, if you have a BigCartel site go HERE for details. 



SBDC: Small Business Development Center: Business education & advising help HERE 

  • Classes & Workshops for Business Development HERE 
  • Contact Central Oregon Center for one-on-one help HERE 

EDCO, Economic Development of Central Oregon: Business & Industry help HERE 

  • Business Survival Help Sheet HERE 
  • Entrepreneurial and Scalable Startup Support: Brian Vierra / 541.388.3236 x5 
  • Traded Sector Support in Redmond: Jon Stark / 541.923.5223 

OEN, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, Entrepreneur resources HERE

  • Mentoring & Coaching for entrepreneurs HERE & HERE 
  • Education for entrepreneurs HERE 

Is my business considered an ‘essential’ or ‘non-essential’ business? Find out HERE 

OEDA, Oregon Economic Development Association valuable resources for businesses HERE 

SAIF, Oregon workers compensation insurance questions & info HERE. SAIF is also helping to provide a worker safety fund to help keep employees safe with safety equiptment and cleaning HERE

BUSINESS COMPLAINTS: Business non-compliance complaints can be filed HERE 

COVID CLEANING SERVICE for Businesses & more: 

PRINTING SERVICES, Staples of Bend is offering free and discount Printing services for small businesses, email for details: 



SBA, Small Business Association Employer Help 

  • Businesses with no employees or less than 100 employees should contact SBA through the website, email or by phone 1-800-469-5512 

Stay Updated: Keep Up to Date with Worksource Oregon's Local Economist Damon Rundberg's Twitter where he posts updates and resources 



  • Worksource Oregon’s WorkShare Program provides options to employers considering layoffs. Instead of reducing staff WorkShare helps employers reduce the number of hours employees work and partial unemployment benefits help to supplement the workers reduced wages.  
  • Eligibility Requirements for businesses HERE 
  • WorkShare Program Forms & Application HERE 



  • WorkSoucre Rapid Response Team provides customized, collaborative solutions to enable your affected workers to return to work as quickly as possible.  
  • Visit this help page from  East Cascade Works Reach out to Stefanie Siebold with questions at 541-213-0684 or via email
  • Companies that have already laid off employees can hire back the laid off employees and have that payroll expense covered under the Paycheck Protection Program, apply through participating banks and credit unions. Use the Small Business Administration’s Lender Match HERE 



  • If your employees have recently had to miss work due to the COVID-19 encourage them to immediately apply for unemployment through the Oregon website HERE 
  • They can immediately file their claim online HERE 
  • If they do not have access to a computer or phone, please provide access to a computer so they can apply online today. 

 Resource page in Spanish can be found HERE




State of Oregon Unemployment Office 

  • Unemployment related questions regarding COVID? Go HERE for answers  
  • Go HERE if you've been affected by closure or not able to work due to COVID-19. 
  • If you applied and didn’t qualify, we urge you to apply again. Restrictions on temporary unemployment claims have been loosened, see if you qualify HERE. 
  • Go HERE to file for Unemployment. 
  • You can also reach out to the Redmond WorkSource at 541-548-8126 


Stimulus Package Q&A for Unemployment Compensation HERE  



Financial Hardship Relief & Loan Programs

  • First, we urge you to contact your current banking relationship to see what loans are available to use regarding COVID, most interest rates are at an all time low.  
  • Selco is now offering low interest income distruption loans for their members. 
  • MidOregon Credit Union is offering help for their members HERE 

Bartender Emergency Assistance Program

  • Financial relief for bartenders and their family application and eligibility details HERE

REF, Restaurant Employee Relief Funds

  • One time grant of $500.00 available to those who worked in restaurant industry and have financial hardships due to COVID, application and info HERE. 

PBA, Professional Beauty Association's Foundation

  • PBA has a COVID-19 Relief Fund that will provide $500 to licensed beauty professionals who are unable to work due to COVID-19 go HERE to apply

Federal Income Tax Filing & Payment Deadline is Extended 

  • Deadline is now July 15, 2020, Estimated tax payments for 2020 originally due on April 15 will now be due on July 15. 

Oregon Eviction Temporary Moratorium: Executive Order 20-11 

  • Gov. Brown gives a temporary delay of Rental evictions, details on link above. 
  • Housing Factsheet from Sen Merkley regarding Housing help & resources HERE



OHP, Oregon Health Plan: Healthcare Coverage 

  •  You may qualify for OHP now, even if you've been denied in the past. Eligibility is based on monthly income and other requirements, visit for more information HERE. 
  • The Oregon Health Authority expands flexibility for Medicare and Medicaid Services to remove barriers to qualify for, enroll in, & stay enrolled in OHP. Key areas include:

  • those currently enrolled in OHP will not lose coverage during this crisis;

  • individuals can sign up for OHP without having to verify their income;

  • federal stimulus payments/increased unemployment payments will not affect OHP eligibility.

  • Visit the website of the Oregon Health Plan for more info:



BOLI, Bureau of Labor & Industries 

  • To file a grievance about workplace noncompliance please call either of these dependent on your needs: 
  • Employee Complaints – call 971-673-0761 or email 
  • Employer Technical Assistance – call 971-673-0824 or email 




  • Pacific Power is suspending power disconnections and late fees due to nonpayment during the COVID-19 response. Pacific Power HERE or Call with questions 1-888-221-7070.  
  • Central Electric Cooperative, Inc. will not be disconnecting power or charging late fees. The office is closed - leave payments in the outside locked drop-box or pay online.  


  • Cascade Natural Gas Is suspending gas disconnections due to nonpayment during COVID-19 response. 
  • Bend Propane offers residential cylinder exchanges so that you do not need to leave your home in order to have your tanks filed. If you know someone who is out of gas or needing a fill have them call 541-706-1428 


  • Avion Water Company's office is closed, still reach by phone at 541-382-5342 Mon-Fri 7am-4pm.  
  • Roats Water System is closed to the public, but you can still leave a message at 541-382-3029.  


  • Yellow Knife Wireless Internet: will be adding 200GB to each plan for the month of March. This is to ease the strain that the school closures have put on Central Oregon families.   
  • BendBroadband is offering broadband access to low-income individuals and/or families with children and college students for 60 days. This offer is for new customers in communities where BendBroadband provides service. 


  • Emergency Food Assistance Resources through the state of Oregon HERE 
  • FOOD FINDER: 211info has info on 1000+ food programs. For more info call 211 or visit
  • Student Food Assistance Eligibilty, FAQ’s, & Resources can be found HERE 
  • SNAP, Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program info and eligibility HERE  Fill out application HERE  
  • TANF, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, HERE 
    • The TANF program provides cash assistance to low-income families with children while they strive to become self-sufficient. Cash assistance is intended to meet a family's basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and utilities. Most cash benefits in Oregon are issued via an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. This is also known as an Oregon Trail Card. 






ORLA, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association, Resources HERE 

  • ORLA Economic Impact presentation on COVID response  HERE 
  • Cost Saving Options for Restaurant/Lodging Businesses HERE 
  • AHLA, American Hotel & Lodging Association Guidesheet HERE 


Sources of funding for restaurant owners, a compiled a list  HERE


Travel Oregon, Tourism & Travel Industry Toolkit Resources HERE 

  • Travel Oregon survey to share your immediate needs & stories HERE  
  • Travel Inquiry Suggested Responses listed at the bottom of the page HERE 


The US Travel Industry created a  CARES Act Guide to eligibility

  • US Travel Industry Webinar on eligibility info HERE



  • Trucking Info & resources:
  • Waiver issued on 3/24 for States, CDL Holders, CLP Holders, and Interstate Drivers Operating Commercial Motor Vehicles, details on this waiver from ODOT HERE



  • Farming USDA grants and loans for farming HERE, USDA service centers HERE.
  • CARES Act benefits for Food & Ag details HERE. Read more about an aid package HERE


USDA, US Dept. of Agriculture Helpful Contacts:

  • Questions regarding COVID-19 impact on agriculture labor visas:
  • Questions regarding feeding children impacted by COVID-19:
  • Questions regarding impacts on America’s food supply chain:
  • COVID specific resources for farmers:



  • AAPD, American Association Pediactric Dentistry details on a Low Interest Loan for Dental Practices HERE



Oregon Department of Educations Frequently Asked Questions & Resources for childcare workers HERE


Donate: Donation of time, donate to non-profits who are struggling since their annual fundraiser has been cancelled. Consider donating food to your neighbors with large families.

Don't Discriminate! Do you know someone who has faced incidents of harassment and discrimination? Call the Oregon Department of Justice to report acts of hate or bias at 844-924-BIAS(2424)

Shop Local, Support Local: 

Reach out: Call your family, call your neighbors, call your friends and be a calm, friendly voice during this rough time.

Know someone who is without a home, phone or internet and needs help? Thrive Central Oregon has One-on-One Calls, please allow them to borrow your phone to call (541) 728-1022 or visit this website to help them out HERE. Sheperd's House can also provide immediate help to those in need.  

Know a Senior Citizen who is looking for food pantry? NeighborImpact can help as well as Thrive Central Oregon's resource page for food locations:

Be Kind: Surprise someone with a bag of groceries on their porch. Pay for the car behind you’s coffee. Clear your neighbors sidewalk. Order someone flowers. Little actions make big impacts. Order the nurses at your local medical facility lunch today as a thank you. 

Share Resources: Get an extra bag of groceries for your at-risk friend or family member. Share positive, uplifting messages to your friends on social media, go live with encouraging words, be a light to others during the dark times. Spread current, reliable news from trusted news sources like:

Volunteer your time & resources: 

  • Sheperd's House is seeking donations of supplies as well as monetary if you want to help them out. 
  • Local St. Charles Foundation is in need of donations, go HERE to help out. 

Interested in helping others through grocery delivery and errands? Go to Pandemic Partners on Facebook for your specific area to be connected with what your community needs:

Social Distancing:

Practice proper hand-washing techniques:

Eat fresh vitamin C sources like oranges to boost your immune system, drink lots of water

Keep it clean: routinely wipe down surfaces. You can make a bleach solution by pouring one gallon of water into container and slowly mix in 1/3 cup bleach.

Stay upbeat: Use this time to stay positive, if you find yourself scrolling social media too long, sit on your back porch and take a deep breath until you get some headspace again. Know that we are all in this together and you are not alone. Play puzzles, read your favorite book, journal, watch your favorite comedy, try a new hobby you ‘haven’t had time to do,’ start coloring printable pages are online everywhere, workout, take an online class, take a remote yoga class, and think outside the box to keep entertained. 

Get Educated on the importance of Mental Health, OSU is offering a ten week course for students and community members HERE

Work from home if possible: Limiting your interactions with others can help this from spreading to other people.

Stay up to date from The Source Weekly COVID resource page that is updated daily

Veteran? Find resources for Veterans on the Stimulus package HERE

Helpful Resources in our Community: 
NeighborImpact offices are open and still serving meals, while programs have closed. Menu is on Facebook & NeighborImpact website.  
Central Oregon Veterans Outreach is open however the front lobby is closed. Please come to the back Outreach door. They are working on housing those in need and responding to those in crisis. Call 541-383-2793, email and connect on Facebook.  
Community Shower Truck is currently open three times a week and will post updates on Facebook when it reopens full-time.  
Council on Aging is available over the phone to support local seniors. Call Mon - Fri from 8am-4:30pm at 541-678-5483.  
MountainStar Family Relief Nursery has canceled programming. Updates on Facebook page and website.  
Thrive Central Oregon has closed all walk-in sites through April 1, but is accepting donations for hand sanitizer. Call 541-728-1022 to coordinate a pick up.  

Take time to care for yourself, it’s okay to not be okay. Call your family, call your friends, call a helpline if you need to talk.

Deschutes County Behavioral Health Services is providing OHP (yes, they are accepting new patients) patients counceling, online or over the phone at 541-322-7500 as well as their 24 hour Crisis Line 800-875-7364 

CRISIS Text Line -
Text the word "HOME" to 741741 and a live, training crisis counselor will respond.  
The Friendship Line run by the Institute on Aging is open 24 hours for people aged 60 or older, and adults living with disabilities. Call 1-800-971-0016  

If you need Counseling, Rimrock Trails Treatment Services is offering telehealth counseling. Call 888.532.6247 to schedule an appointment.

Isolation leaving you feeling overwhelmed, high anxiety, depressive, or suicidal? Reach out! National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255 and people who are hard of hearing reach them here.

Childcare Resources

Champions Day Care sign up for childcare

Need Childcare? Call 211 for childcare services.

Laid off from the restaurant industry and have children? Visit for assistance

Ways to keep kids minds sharp

Resources for integrating Fun Online Learning & Education for kids: 

  • Smithstonian Institute Virtual Fun Learning for kids & teens:
  • Huge list of 20 Well-known Virtual Museum, History & more Tours for every age group  HERE
  • Virtual Performances and art list from the Philharmonic through cooking classes and daily drawing lessons HERE
  • National Park Multimedia search for photos and videos of everything from Flowers, Battlefield Commemorations, History and more in their collection HERE or find your Virtual Park HERE
  • Watch Animals LIVE: Animal Livestreams from whales to lions, pandas and penguins, Oh my! See them HERE
  • Our very own Oregon State Parks have 'Nature:LIVE in your Family Room' Learn about plants, animals, and more in Oregon HERE
  • PBS offers guidance (specifically 2-8yo) for parents. Resources and tons of fun ways to learn for kids HERE


Distance Learning Help, In-Depth Guidance Toolbook from for educators and parents HERE

Redmond Early Learning Center: VIA Facebook they offer activities and resources for food & entertainment.

FREE Scholastic classes

Follow Vern Patrick's Principle @principalhesse on Instagram where she will read books and promotes virtual spirit week

Ways to Stay Active indoors

Redmond Families: The amazing Mrs. Hopper, Physical Education Teacher at Tumalo Community School, has created daily PE activities that students can do at home! Follow her Instagram at mrs.hopper_peclass and get movin’!!

Ways to keep kids fed

Redmond School District Food program: Redmond School District’s Nutrition Services Team is working hard to feed kids during our statewide COVID-19 closure!

  • Drive & pickup a prepackaged breakfast and lunch this week from 9:00 -10:30 am, M-F! @ Redmond High School

The Doughnut in Bend: Together with @smartfoodservice, they are offering one raised glazed or cake donut and one small milk, to all kids who qualify for public school meal assistance programs. 

Deschutes County's WIC can help with food for families that have children under 5 as well as those who are pregnant or postpartum. Apply to WIC on the website HERE 

FOOD FINDER: 211info has information on more than 1,000 different food programs. For more information call 211 or visit


Educate yourself & your children about COVID-19



Oregon State University - Cascades is closed and classes are moving online. Students, staff and faculty can order from the dining hall online Monday - Friday.  

Central Oregon Community College has moved Winter Term finals online and it is delaying the start of spring term by one week for now to give faculty and staff time to move the courses online. Updates on Facebook.


Keep Calm. Stress and anxiety have been proven to weaken immune systems, so help them by keeping calm. 

Dont Be Afraid To Ask For Help. Ask your loved ones & neighbors to get your medications, kitty litter, water, anything you may need in the next few weeks.

Facetime, Phone Call, Email. Connect virtually with your loved ones. Isolation does not have to be lonely! Not tech savvy? Ask them to meet outside your window like this man does for his father.

Health Institutes

Need to talk to a nurse? Nurseline: 541-699-5109 St. Charles clinical caregivers and their partners at Deschutes County Health Services are ready for your call. This hotline is available to those in Crook, Deschutes & Jefferson counties NEW EXTENDED HOURS: 7am-7pm Monday through Friday.
Summit Medical Group has started virtual visitsfor established patients and scheduling new patient visits as well, call 541-706-2450.
If you receive Medicare, did you know that you can receive SHIBA counseling for free? Go to and click on “Find help near you.” Questions? Call the SHIBA statewide office: 1-800-722-4134.

Medicare temporarily expanded its coverage of telehealth services to respond to the current public health emergency. This will help ensure you can visit with your doctor from your home, without having to go to a doctor’s office or hospital, which could put you and others at risk of exposure to COVID-19. Go to for COVID-19 prevention and benefit coverage answers.

Mosaic Medical will take questions and concerns over the phone 541-383-3005.  

High Lakes Health Care will take questions and concerns from patients 541-389-7741  

Summit Medical Group call them if you are experiencing fever, cough and other symptoms of respiratory infection 541-706-2319  

St. Charles Family Care is encouraging their patients to call their doctor's office with questions and concerns, or call this number to be directed 541-382-4321. The Community Pharmacy at St. Charles Bend is now offering drive-up service from 11am - 6pm. Go to the RV trailer located behind the triage tent outside of the Emergency Department. St. Charles Outpatient Rehabilitation has closed its services and canceled appointment for two weeks. Visitors are not allowed at the four hospitals save for a few exceptions. Caregivers are entering St. Charles Bend through access control points.  

Health Insurance Coverage information is provided by the Oregon Health Authority if you have questions about testing and appointments. The state has reached an agreement with several health insurance companies to waive co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles for their customers who need COVID-19 testing.  

Medicare Counseling and help will be provided by Council on Aging's SHIB Volunteers. Call 541-678-5483 ext. 211.   

Call 911 immediately if you are in respiratory distress.  

ServPro, Cleaning service in Central Oregon HERE

NeighborImpact is maintaining an updated list of food pantries but recommends you contact these services directly.

Thrive Central Oregon has a list of Food Resources on their webpage and other resource help pages throughout Central Oregon.

Central Oregon Resources website for Redmond area HERE.

To find community relevant resources and information follow your city's Pandemic Group on Facebook:

Those with children at home:

Continue to help them learn


Keep Your Family Fed

  • Redmond School District Food program: Redmond School District’s Nutrition Services Team working hard to feed kids during our statewide COVID-19 closure! Drive up and pickup a prepackaged breakfast and lunch this week from 9:00 -10:30 am, M-F! @ Redmond High School



Those with loved ones who have compromised immune system

Keep Calm: Stress and anxiety have been proven to weaken immune systems, so help them by keeping calm. 

  • Yoga, Breathing Exercises, Meditation
  • Practice Self Care
  • Make a plan

Help out: Think ahead by getting them medications, kitty litter, anything your loved one may need in the next few weeks.

Facetime, Phone Call, Email, Even Snail: FaceTime them! This means the world to someone who is feeling isolated, put a smile on their face.