Leadership Redmond is a leadership development program designed to educate, enhance, develop and train leaders to participate in key decision-making positions within our community. These leadership opportunities include volunteerism, membership on community boards or government commissions and committees, and even elected positions within city, county or state government.

The focus of Leadership Redmond is on exposing potential community leaders to the issues that are facing our community. Participants will work with local leaders to expand awareness and understanding of unique issues and challenges facing this community and region. This provides exposure and better opportunities for an 'active and effective' role in addressing community needs. In addition, one of the most exciting results of the Leadership Redmond program is the opportunity to broaden your network, with past and current program participants and with all the community speakers we will meet.

Leadership Redmond is not a typical 'leadership' training course. We do not concentrate on traditional theory-based information on leadership, mainly because there are classes and trainings available for that type of instruction. Instead, we provide hands-on access to current community leaders and up-to-date information about community issues. We will have some class discussions on what makes a good leader, etc., but the focus is really on what are the issues and needs of your community.

Leadership Redmond does require a large commitment from both the participant and their employer. During the program, you will participate in nine full-day sessions, which occur on the 3rd Thursday of each month from September through May each year. In addition to the class sessions, you will be expected to do outside assignments and work with a group of fellow participants on a group project.

As part of Leadership Redmond, you are responsible to yourself, your employer, and your fellow participants. Attendance at each class session is a must. Any missed session will require you to do outside 'make up' work, which may consist of going to some related meetings, doing additional research on the days topic, etc. You will be required to submit written documentation of that outside work in order to graduate. If you miss more than two sessions, you will not be able to complete the program and will not graduate with your class. In addition, if you have received scholarship funding, you will be required to refund those monies. Please honestly consider your personal and work situation to determine if you are able to commit to the time requirements of this program.

We will cover a wide variety of topics during the nine months including:

·        Personality Characteristics / Board Training

·        Community History / Culture

·        Business Commerce / Transportation

·        Tourism, Recreation & the Arts

·        Education, Technology & Workforce

·        Government & Legislative

·        Judicial, Legal & Public Service

·        Health & Human Services / Social Environment

·        Media, Communication & Affecting Change

For more information, email Eric at eric@visitredmondoregon.com