The Redmond Chamber of Commerce's Government Affairs Committee (GAC) monitors local, regional and state issues. With the intent of improving communication between the decision makers and those impacted by the decisions being made, this active group of volunteers mindfully vets issues and establishes direct lines of communication and action wherever possible.

The Redmond Chamber of Commerce works closely with the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce (OSCC) — an organization that is actively involved in steering legislation toward business-friendly policies — and closely monitors important issues. OSCC and the GAC understand that many of the issues raised by the Legislature have the potential to profoundly impact businesses in Central Oregon.

Throughout the legislative sessions or whenever issues arise, OSCC provides the GAC and the Chamber with alerts, identified as critical to business, jobs and overall economic growth. Chamber members can request to “opt- in” and receive these alerts directly from the Chamber, or they can be read by logging onto the Chamber website at .

For more information about these legislative updates or to discuss specific issues important to you, please contact Eric Sande, executive director of the Redmond Chamber of Commerce, via email, or by calling 541-923-5191.


Legislative Updates
The Oregon State Chamber of Commerce outlines their priorities for the Oregon Legislative Session.

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