The Brew Scene

Redmond is no stranger to the brew scene which has swept the nation.  Central Oregonians love craft brews and the region has become a mecca for beer aficionados across the Pacific Northwest.  

Today, Redmond is home to several homegrown craft breweries and a growing number of popular pubs and tap houses.  One of Redmond’s breweries has even been at the epicenter of Central Oregon's burgeoning beer craze from the early beginnings, more than 20 years ago.

Cascade Lakes Brewing Company is Redmond's most established brewery.  Having opened its doors in 1994, they quickly became known for such epic brews as Blonde Bomb Shell, Rooster Tail Ale, Paddleboard Porter, 20" Brown and more. They have even been called “old school”, which means doing things the right way and not bragging about it.

Since then, many other breweries have opened in Redmond offering their own distinct flavors and atmospheres: Smith Rock Brewing Company, Wild Ride Brewing Co., Silvermoon Brewing, Porter Brewing, Kobold Brewing, Initiative Brewing, Dry Fields Cider, and Geist Beerworks have all made Redmond home. Redmond is also home to it's first Distillery, Gompers Gin Distillery which is made with locally harvested juniper berries. Redmond's brewing scene is growing quickly and we are thrilled to see these great brewers blossom before our eyes. Make sure the next time you are in Redmond to stop in and try some one-of-a-kind brews!

2018 was a HUGE year for beer in Redmond, as many new breweries opened their doors this year.

Initiative Brewing is in the works of opening it's Bank-turned-Brewery doors to the public in 2019 with an expansive pub menu and a full brewpub atmosphere that's also family friendly here in midtown Redmond. We can't wait to try their pub fare, seasonal selection of flavors and fresh beers on tap!

Geist Beerworks opened in August of 2018 bringing a niche of one-of-a-kind fruit beers to Central Oregon with full flavors and unique names of beers, this place is sure to please. Geist offers food at their location and is known for it's unique beer flavors, with 12 of its own beers and two root beers on tap! With three of their beers sent to the Great American Beer Festival you are certain to love a brew or two here!

Porter Brewing had it's grand opening in September of 2018, opening it's doors here in Redmond and bringing a new kind of ale to beer lovers, cask-conditioned 'real ales' that are hand poured from UK imported firkins via hand pumped beer engines. These smooth ales deliver a beautiful malty goodness since they are served at cellar temperatures. Completely unique to Central Oregon, this place is a must visit for any beer aficionado.

Kobold Brewing/The Vault Taphouse opened it's doors in July of 2017 and provides a great casual, family-friendly atmosphere that's a local's favorite spot. Known for it's trivia and game nights, unique outdoor firepit and two delicious food trucks, this is the place to be enjoying a beer with friends. Kobold recently completed their new 10 Barrel system in the fall of 2018 and hopes to be canning and bottling in 2019! 

Smith Rock Brewing Company opened in 2012 with eight guest taps, then quickly developed their own signature brews — flavors like Morning Glory IPA, Honey Badger Blonde and Misery Ridge IPA. The restaurant and pub has become a favorite hangout known as much for artisan burgers and specialty appetizers as its beer. 


Wild Ride Brewing is known for serving a large flavorful selection of fine craft beers, they also have an expansive tasting room and a patio that has become a popular downtown destination.  Be sure to sample one of the four outside food cart vendors!

Silvermoon Brewing’s beginning is firmly rooted in Bend, with a their expansion of brewing in Redmond in 2016.  Some of their righteous brews include, IPA 97 - India Pale Ale, Chapter 2 - Casual Ale, Get Sum - Pale Ale and Mango Daze - Mango Pale Ale. 

For those who don't drink beer, a fresh take on Ciders will appease even the most picky of cider drinkers. The new Dry Fields Cider opened it's doors in October of 2018 next to Porter Brewing with a wide selection of ciders sure to please. Dry Fields offers some amazing specials and truly unique cider flavors, so make sure to stop in.

Lastly, although not a beer nor a cider, Gomper's Distillery will be opening it's doors in 2019 and offering tasting tours of it's locally crafted gin. Gomper's has imported their own specialty still from Holland and has already began production of a variety of spirits which are being sold in local liquor stores. Gomper's will have a unique tasting room in a Prohibition-era style even down to a hidden room, this place is sure to be a hit, look for their signature Gin at the local liqour & spirits stores nearby, made with locally hand picked juniper berries, lavender, and Oregon peaches to give it that distinct flavor. We can't wait to take a peek into their prohibition-era tasting room.

 Each brewery is completetly unique, from the outdoor firepit and numerous locally-loved game nights at Kobold Brewing to the cellar-temp, cask conditioned ales at Porter Brewing, you'll be truly delighted with each atmosphere, beer, and experience. The Central Oregon microbrew experience is sure to be a highlight of your visit. Cheers!