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Looking West on Highland Ave. at US Hwy 97, Redmond Oregon. Elevation 3077. Click for Central Oregon weather and driving conditions.Looking North to Smith Rock at Roberts Field - Redmond Airport parking lot. Elevation 3077. Click for Central Oregon weather and driving conditions.Looking NW up Hwy. US-20 at Sisters. Elevation 3222. Click for Central Oregon weather and driving conditions.

What is the weather like in Redmond Oregon?

Redmond is the heart of Central Oregon, and Central Oregon is "high desert country."? Unlike our more infamously rainy sister cities on the west side of the Cascade mountains, our climate comes with plenty of sunshine and dry air with low humidity.? Because we are on the eastern side of the Cascades, the storms that typically come in from the west hit the western slope of this mountain range and stop. This leaves the west edge of the state stuck under layers of gray overcast skies, often bringing rain in as much as 9 months of the year.? Meanwhile, here on the glorious Eastern side, central Oregon is left with nothing but clear dry sunny days.

Annual Redmond rainfall is less than 8.5" per year. The average growing season is 92 days.

It may be hot and sunny during the day, but most of our nights are cool with temperatures dropping an average of 50 degrees in the summer months.

Each Central Oregon city has its own unique weather pattern and temperatures, depending on the proxmity to the mountains and elevation. For instance, here in Redmond and Madras we have the most sun (In fact, Redmond has more sunny days than Houston, Texas), the longest growing season and almost no snow because of the lower elevation than our neighboring towns. Sunriver and La Pine expereince snow pack all winter with cooler summer temperatures.

We have three gorgeous seasons in Central Oregon, each intimate and to fall in love with: Winter, Summer and a short Fall...

There's a magic in the snow that starts to fall around the first of November and will continue off and on through early March. A typical Central Oregon winter morning is usually a dusting of snow, followed by a day of brisk temperatures under a crystal clear blue sky. Whatever snow has fallen over night usually melts when the sun comes out. Summers offer up stunning star filled skies, made pleasant by smog-free days with a dry heat that never overwhelms. And Falls are always a colorful welcome sign of exciting harvests in the making, and signalling the onset of holidays to come.

Pick a season and come witness the high desert of Redmond for yourself!